About Us

About Us

Philosophy, Wines and Family

Cantine Innocenti is a family story.

Many years ago Vittorio Innocenti left his post as a teacher of philosophy in order to run the family wine-growing business with his brother Mario and his wife Maria Rosa, a theatre historian. He extended the vineyards, increased production and rapidly widened distribution from the original local network to the national and above all international markets, while maintaining the winery’s status as a small family-managed concern.

Since 2009 the management has passed to his son Tommaso, flanked by his partner in life, Nancy, a pharmaceutical chemist motivated by a passionate interest in the world of winemaking.

From father to son. Generation after generation.

The team

Never tired, always passionate...

Vittorio Innocenti

Vittorio Innocenti, after over fifty years since the start of the winemaking adventure, is an icon and guardian of the identity of a small family-owned company, dedicated to producing an unmistakable and high-quality product. He still wanders occasionally through the vineyards and the cellar, sparingly offering advice or kind recommendations.

Tommaso Innocenti
Head of Management

Tommaso Innocenti has been the owner of the company since 2009 and is also responsible for general management. He especially loves working en plein air, supported by his trusty mechanical collaborators: tractors and agricultural machinery, special 'toys' where his natural 'playful' nature finds mature and adult expression.

Nancy Ricchiuti
Communication Manager

Nancy Ricchiuti oversees administration, public relations, and customer relations, but above all, she monitors the health of the wines and accompanies them through the delicate process that leads from birth to maturity.

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